Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finches Feeding Fledglings

Mother House Finch Feeds Young:

on the ground...

by the pool...

and on the deck.

"Mommy is that you?", inquires Freddy Finch
"No, sorry!", replies Kathy Cardinal, "she's waiting
in the Photinia fraseri".

"Why that's Latin darling. It seems our Mr. Ringo
is an educated man."


"And the train enters the tunnel".

"Any seconds?"


Daddy was only feeding this young male in the am at this point.

Later in the day, he chased the fledgling away.
Adam's observation: Notice the red plumage.
Adam's inference: This a male, beginning to molt and turn red.
Adam's prediction: The young bird will be entirely red, before the beak turns color.
This prediction is based on last year's observations.

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