Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maine Coastal Vacation Pics

Me at Machias Bay, Maine

Brother David "My Big Buddy"

Seals lay on submerged rocks. Machias Bay

Bay Seals

Aw, so they eat a few Atlantic farmed salmon.

Who couldn't love this animal?
All I could see were logs. So Ithought!
Hobbie: Taking self-pictures


Simply awesome view!

Abandoned Scott Paper Office

We departed in a fog bank.

Fog Lifts a Bit

Cobscook State Park

The view of Frenchman's Bay from U.S. 1 N.
Imagine, a couple was geting married with this
in the background.


fren_ace said...

nice pictures
where is this place?

Mr. Sherrill said...

Machias Bay, Maine

Mags said...

Nice. I wanna go! Where are the puffins?

mrsherrill said...

Puffin Trip was cancelled due to high winds, and possible T-storms